Transhumanism and human cyborgs

Many scientists predict that 200 years from now, cyborgs would come into existence. This is a modified or upgraded form of humans and is a condition obtained from merging natural human bodies with artificial technologies. Many researches also showed that in the future, human kind may not be able to survive without transhumanism or in other words, without transforming into human cyborgs. So are theories like transhumanism and posthumanism practical? Or are they just one of futuristic theories that never seem to really take shape? Read through to find out.

So are human cyborgs possible?

Humanism and human cyborgs is a hot topic and is researched up on by numerous scientists worldwide. Even though the whole idea of transhumanism is in its primeval stages, scientist and researchers are getting closer and closer to creating perfect human cyborgs as each day progresses. Soon all those Sci-Fi characters you saw in movies and read in your comic books would be appearing in your daily newspaper headlines.

Transhumanism and posthumanism are the two important varieties of humanisms and it is these concepts that we rely upon in making all these ideologies come to life. Transhumanism is more about incorporating genetic, digital and bio technologies into the existing natural structure of human bodies to upgrade the mental and physical abilities. Post humanism focuses on interlacing of human body with intelligent machine to create upgraded human versions. Both of these futuristic concepts are largely researched up on and is expected to be put in practice in the near future.

Final verdict

So the concept of human cyborgs is not so far away from human knowledge considering all the advancements are breakthroughs that are taking place in these fields. So we can expect human transformations into upgraded robotic structures in the near future.