Human enhancement is the belief that humans are currently flawed in a number of ways including intellectually, mentally and physically and that there is every need to extend human abilities in various ways. It is a transhumanist belief that aims at extending human abilities beyond what we know today. Generally, transhumanists are using a number of methods to further their ideas of enhancing human beings in various ways. One of the most recent methods to have been brought to the foe is the idea of using cryonics. This is the belief that individuals who suffer from medical conditions that are beyond treating today can be preserved for many years leading up to the time when the right medical treatment techniques have been made available. Scientists are divided on this subject. There are both skeptics and proponents for this idea.

Plausibility of the idea

The first reason why this idea may not be welcomed by some scientists is the fact that it does not sound plausible. Indeed it does not sound plausible to a lay person or even a scientist without insight into this subject. But, the truth is that it is more than plausible. The logic behind cryonics is actually scientifically palatable.

Where the problem lies

Despite the plausibility of cryonics, humans are still not able to make it a reality. This is mainly because of a single huge hurdle that scientists are yet to cross over. The hurdle standing between scientists and making the idea of cryonics a reality is the fact that large animals tend to crack as they solidify. Scientists use cryoprotectants to keep body cells intact when the body is frozen.

But, these are toxic and cause the blood vessels to become leaky once the human being is warmed up again. Until this problem is solved, the possibility of solidifying humans and reviving them after many years have elapsed cannot be realized yet.

Another problem is the fact keeping a human body under cryoprotectants is the fact that internal radiation tends to build over time. If too much of it builds up before proper treatment is discovered, the cells may be destroyed.