Transhumanism: from fiction to reality

Transhumanism is a condition that is achieved or said to exist when a human body is modified for increased lifespan, better and more athletic physical characteristics and highly advanced transcendental mental abilities. So in short, all those things we used to watch in science fictional movies is now being made real through science and technology. Scientists and researchers worldwide are working towards the development of the concept and soon enough a new chapter would emerge in the entire history of human race.

So what does scientists say about transhumanism?

Transhumanism is arguably the greatest breakthrough that would decide the fate of the entire human race and its future. So it is bound to face many challenges in its course. We still have no clear picture whether the whole idea of upgrading our natural self into something extraterrestrial would be of any good. There may also be catastrophic results as well.

According to researchers, with transhumanism we can create a better tomorrow where all ill effects of life are absent and humans can live a better life. With better intellectual and athletic abilities, the entire lifestyle is about to take a quick and major upgrade. The average lifespan of humans would increase according to this idea, so what would be its effect on population? With such questions triggering alarms about the dangers of such advancement, many scientists claim that with proper measures such as birth control an ideal lifestyle can be established. Thus with all the limitations of the human body expelled, there is scope for a highly advanced and better tomorrow while some dangers still hover around.

Final word

The goal of transhumanism is to establish faith in the society and public, and to make them realize that all of this advancements are in the best interests of the people itself.