This is a very interesting question that can provoke a wide range of answers from different people. Whether you like it or not, there is no simple answer to this question. But, there is a good way to approach it. There are generally two perspectives from which this question can be answered. It is vital to incorporate these two perspectives when answering this question since they address two of the most notable viewpoints of classes that exist today. It is vital to take into account the viewpoint of a Christian and that of a non-Christian. Then it may become appropriate to combine the two viewpoints in a bid to come up with a neutral answer to the question.

From the standpoint of someone who is a Christian, transhumanism is obviously against the will of the living God in a number of respects. Even though it may not explicitly be against Christianity and the God of heaven, it implicitly appears to be in a number of ways. For example, the fact that it preaches self-transformation above the need to accept God’s will is one way in which it is against Christianity. Further, it also supports the need to realize personal ideals in the world we see as opposed to an elusive heaven in line with extropian ideologies. These principles of transhumanism are in clear conflict with what Christianity preaches.

A person who is not a Christian may also be in support of the information above. Most people who are not Christians have obviously heard about the various beliefs shared by Christians. They are also able to express their views on how they feel about transhumanism and Christianity. The fact that the two opposed to each other is evident in what each of them elevates. For example, the body is a temple of God which is not supposed to be defiled. In transhumanist ideologies, the human being is at the center of everything irrespective of what the God says in the bible.