Transhumanism is the belief that the current state in which humans are is not good enough and should thus be transformed for the better. Transhumanists believe that the natural man should be improved in all faculties ranging from intellectual, physical and mental faculties. It is based on the use of various tools especially technology and scientific experiments to come up with ways of improving the human nature in various ways.

There are many beliefs and ideas that are promoted by transhumanists. One of the most interesting transhumanist ideas is human augmentation. This is an idea that humans can be transformed for the better through the use of implants or external devices which can be used to remotely control the human body through a communication interface. In the past, this could only be seen in science fiction movies. Proponents of transhumanism have managed to further this idea and it is already present with us. But, it is now a reality and can be observed in medicine and sports. Major examples of human augmentation projects that are as real as water itself are indicated below.


This is one of the earliest forms of human augmented to have been used extensively across the whole globe. Just about every modern medical institution that exists today has a department that deals with prosthetics. It was an idea that stemmed from transhumanist principles. Its advancement was fueled by individuals who believed in the combination of special synthetic materials with human tissue to improve the functionality of a human being.

Brain computer interfaces

These are interfaces that are used by humans to control their body parts such as limbs and necks among others. The BCIs are implanted inside the brain and used to control artificial body parts such as limbs and necks. These are used in individuals that are disabled although they are not currently used on a full scale operation.


This is the technology that is mainly used to restore human abilities that had been lost due to injury or illness. The technology has been used to create limbs and muscles that are secured to body parts for enhanced mobility and self-defense.