What exactly is Transhumanism?

The whole concept of transhumanism is something that is weird and hard to digest. But still there is a lot of fuss happening around the world in this field. As the name suggest transhumanism means a particular scientific and cultural movement which aims at enhancing the human race. Even though the whole concept sounds like something that is impossible or taken out of a science fiction movie, it is a field which is likely to be the most controversial in the near future. The aims of the transhumanists can be many. One of the sole aims is life extension. They try to make living forever possible with the help of various available scientific techniques like cloning, nanotechnology, etc. Other aims include increasing the physical capabilities of a person by large proportions and hence making every one something that can be called super humans. In fact sending electric signals from the brain can increase reaction time and speed of a person. This technique is being employed in the army these days to train snipers. There are concepts that aim at transferring a human mind on to a computer. It is quite normal to feel weird and a bit scared on if you are new to these concepts.

Impact on the society:

Well, it is safe to say that this movement has numerous adverse effects on the society. For a simple example if the people are to live forever then problems like overpopulation will need to be addressed. Also the existence of certain kinds of worms will be a problem. There is a chance that these possibilities will only be available to the rich and powerful.

There is also an argument that says that this is just an extension of the human nature. For example the old generation would not have been able to think about various things that we use now like smartphones. In the same way, these concepts may be the future.