When transhumanism first emerged on the scene, it appeared more like fantasy rather than reality. Individuals who had started the belief that humans can advance beyond what they are naturally perceived to believe as the limit, seemed to be nothing more than dreamers. But, the reality is different today. Transhumanist beliefs that support human enhancement are as real as air or clouds. They are already being used to enhance humans in a variety of ways including mentally and physically. One of the major goals of transhumanism is life extension. Sounds like a good thing, right; being able to live several decades longer?

You may be shocked to learn that not all people are in favor of life extension. There are some people who are not in support of life extension based on a number of reasons. Some people feel that it is a distortion of what is perceived as natural and thus orderly, while others feel that life extension would have an impact on the orderliness of the universe as a whole. But, transhumanists have got their own arguments to back their calls for life extension. Some of their arguments are highlighted in the passage.

Humans naturally desire to live longer; desire to die considered abnormal

Under normal circumstances, humans are not made to die. Scientists have been able to discover that humans have a natural inclination towards being alive at all costs. The desire to die is often considered as temporal mental disorder depending on how long it lasts. Transhumanists believe that this suggests that humans must live for a very long time or even forever.

Prolific humans should be made to live longer

Some human beings contribute so much to the wellbeing of the earth that no one wants to see them dead. In some cases, some prolific humans die with huge ideas inside their heads. If such humans were made to live longer or even forever, the world would have been a better place than it is.

Advancement of the human race in all respects

Transhumanists also argue that life extension would grant humans a chance to advance themselves in all respects. Humans will have enough to exhaust their ideas and come up with better ways to combat disease and poverty.