What is transhumanism?

Have you ever heard of the saying: “two things are certain in life, death and taxes”? Well, soon the term death may have to be removed. With the era of transhumanism fast emerging it would be wise so as to known something or anything about a concept that is so important that it could utterly transform the future of human beings. Transhumanism is defined as a condition of human mind by which our body and mind are capable of extraordinary and seemingly impossible tasks.

Should we support or oppose transhumanism?

Transhumanism is a dream transformed into reality if it is made possible to attain such a condition of human mind. All those things we saw in fictional movies growing up is about to come true. But does for human mind or is it the other way around? And would you transform yourselves into a human cyborg if it is possible? These are very straightforward questions requiring a lot of thought to be put in.

Transhumanism involves prosthetic body parts and organs substituting the already existing weaker and less efficient ones. This way, we create a more efficient, athletic and productive human body which can perform seemingly impossible tasks. A part of transhumanism deals with modifying the human brain so that it can perform extraordinary tasks with ease. Cyberbrains and neuro-modifications are expected to bring these into reality in to near future.

All these advancements have direct effects on humans and also their lives. The positive effects like increased lifespan and overall improved mental and physical abilities is surely a huge plus point for us. But in the long run, the some unexpected and irreversible outcomes may also occur. Many ethical as well as social thoughts do stand in the way of such a huge revolution in technology.

To sum it all up

Whether the idea of transhumanism is good or bad is still left for us humans to decide. The solution to this question may decide the future of the whole human race.