Transhumanism may appear new to the human race but has been around for many decades. What appeared to be a mere collection of dreams in science fiction movies is now reality. A couple of decades ago, being a transhumanist was equivalent to being insane, a dreamer or someone who has no ability to accept reality. But, the story has changed today. Being a transhumanist is as a real as being a medical doctor or any reality that is beyond debate. Perhaps you are still hazy about what it actually means to a transhumanist. Consider the following information. The following are some of the major beliefs and agendas of transhumanists.

The belief in the fact that the current human race is flawed

Transhumanists believe that the human race is naturally flawed in all respects including mentally, physically and intellectually. Thus they preach the need for the extension of human abilities in as far as the mental, physical and intellectual faculties are concerned.

The belief in the need for human enhancement

The belief that humans have to be enhanced by all means possible is the primary principle that governs the thinking of every transhumanist. In the eyes of a transhumanist, humans can think better and respond better to the challenges that this world presents them.

Embracing any tools that are aimed at furthering human enhancement

One of the major attributes of transhumanists is the fact that they believe in the use of any methods or tools for purposes of furthering human enhancement. They can go to lengthy extremes to advance human enhancement. Usually, transhumanists use technology and science experiments to advance the calls of human enhancement. The science experiments are aimed at making certain discoveries about the human body. On the other hand, technology is used to correct the various frailties of the human body.