This is the question that is asked by a good number of lay people. When you think about what transhumanists are planning to achieve in the next decade, you may be forced to ask the same question. The simple fact is that nothing is really up with transhumanists and their beliefs. Rather, some of their agendas are certainly out of the reach of humans, at least for now. For example, the belief that humans can attain immortality is far from being a reality. No one in one right mind can think of it as being possible even in the next four decades. Any prospects of living forever are but mere dreams.

Naturalists and religious people are often against transhumanist theories either indirectly or directly. For example, naturalists believe that nature is the order of things and that transhumanists are actually distorting the natural order of things as we know them. This is despite the fact that transhumanists claim to be correcting the frailties exhibited in mankind. Whether transhumanists are actually distorting the order of things as we have come to know them or not is subject to debate and depends on which angle an individual is speaking from. What is known already is that thanks to transhumanism, mankind has already been improved in a number of ways as highlighted below.

Bionics and prosthetics

This is the field of science that deals with improving the performance of body parts that have been damaged by disease or injury. Thanks to this field of science, it is actually possible to enable disabled people to operate much like normal able bodied people.

Biotechnology and genetic engineering

Biotechnology was developed for purposes of increasing human control over every natural living organism including human beings and manipulating it for a specific purpose. Genetic engineering is a branch of biotechnology that focuses on manipulating genes for purposes of enhancing human beings. It aims at getting rid of human defects intellectually, mentally and physically. Biotechnology is a perfect example of a life enhancement technology developed by transhumanists.