In fact most people are still not clear about the actual meaning of transhumanism. It is true that it is a very complicated field but still it is important to grasp the concept because it is likely the future. In short one can say that transhumanism is a movement that aims at enhancing the human species in every way, to take the human capabilities to the next level. One of the main aims of this movement is extending the human life.

Technologies that can have the concept of aging:

Eliminating a particular disease is effective but the problem is that it may give a few years. Also the number of people who can live longer would be small. The aim is to extend the life span of the humans on average.

The process of aging cannot be stopped with the available technologies. Actually what leads to dead is the accumulation of molecular and cellular damage, which is the result of aging. If we are able to repair this damage periodically, then it will be possible to prevent the person from aging.

Technologies like cloning, nanotechnology etc. are now employed to make this repairing possible. Probably in the near future, preventing aging and extending the life span would become reality.

The ideas that can extend the life span are many. Some of them are

Gene therapy: this can actually alter the people are treated when they have diseases. In fact this is a method to prevent all diseases.

Cybernetics: people with various disabilities can actually live normal people and in some cases even better. This is the main advantage of this technology.

There are also ideas to preserve our brain or mind even after death. One method is mind uploading, i.e. to upload the mind of a person to a computer.

All these technologies are only developing and hopefully within a decade or so, will begin to be actually used.