The future is always blurry and its prediction is a near impossible task for us humans. A new term called transhumanism is fast emerging and it might shape our future in seemingly impossible ways. Ageless bodies, above ordinary thoughts and extraordinary minds are characterized of transhumanism. Whether all these advancements would move human kind to a better tomorrow or something different is yet to be determined.

So when does transhumanism occur?

Now let’s move to the big question in hand. Humans are solving the complex structure of the human body and soon more and more technological and biological advancements would take place.

According to researchers in the field of study of this topic, some criteria can be pointed out so as to establish the condition of transhumanism in a subject.

The emergence of highly advanced prosthetic body parts can truly transform the functions of the human body. These parts are assumed to be better than the original making the subject more efficient and productive that usual.

Neuro-modification is another aspect closely related to transhumanism. Better brain activity achieved through neuro-implants and cyber brains are deemed necessary for attaining such a condition of extraordinary human thinking.

Artificial intelligence implemented to work along with the existing body processes can truly revolutionize the whole concept if made possible. This way the subject can have access to anything and every general topic known to humans. Such a level of knowledge would surpass any intellectual mind.

The prime aim of transhumanism is to make people live a longer life. By technological and biological advances it is assumed that human body can be modified to improve the average lifetime of human beings.

A shift in thoughts is prone to occur with such high levels of modifications done to a person.

Final word

Today, transhumanism is a fictitious concept that is still ahead of current level of human knowledge. However, with each breakthrough made in the field of science and technology we continue to edge closer and closer to transhumanism,