As Elon Musk is figuring out on how to beat artificial intelligence using his Neural link, Masayoshi Son, the second richest man in Japan, is investing $ 100 billion to build a computer chip with an IQ of 10,000.  According to Masayoshi, who is also the CEO of Soft bank, the chip will be available after three decades. This is after his company, Soft bank, recently acquired ARM holdings for $ 32 billion. ARM holdings is a software and a semiconductor company that will be responsible for creating the chip.

All the same this technology, if achieved, can be a major breakthrough in terms of efficiency and high speed in processing information and all that a chip with 10,000 IQ can achieve. However, while still thinking about the chip and all the positive changes it will bring to the society,  I still feel sorry for the accountant, engineers, teachers and doctors who will have to face the fact that the chip is more superior than their brains. Also bearing in mind the kind of money Son is injecting in the project, he might realize his dream earlier than his predicted year of 2047.

Even after such a huge investment, other companies are still doing all they can to achieve such an achievement of artificial super intelligence. This facts makes me think it won’t be long before we see the magnificence and efficiency of artificial super intelligence.

In addition to the $ 32 billion, Son’s Soft Bank is in the process of creating $ 100 billion vision fund. Soft Bank will invest $ 25 billion over a five year span then the Public Investment Fund of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will consider $ 45 million investment along with other globally investment giants.