AI and CYBORGs are two things which have been confusing many people for a while now. Artificial Intelligence or AI is simply the intelligence which is based on human designed algorithms which are capable of independent decision making once they have been made. There are several examples to us now in the form of SIRI, CORTANA, GOOGLE ASSISTANT  to name a few. These AI have truly made the world an easier place for us no doubt. CYBORGS on the other hand are beings which are formed when genetic modifications on the human body reaches a point where beings entirely independent of this world are formed. Both AI and CYBORGs are direct consequence of human advancements in technology and in many ways have their own pros and cons.

Which is the threat?

AI is something which is human made. It is something which depends on non-living or rather artificial things like machine hardware and software. Meant as a way to reduce human labor and a controlled decision making tool one day it can mutilate and it can turn against its creator. Cyborg on the other hand is something beyond what it means to be human, at least for now. To them the human body is just a vessel, and they are beings with far more information and even possibly with more power. So according to me, the more threat to humanity is the Cyborgs really. AI is something like I said which lives on artificial, non-living things, things which whatever may happen still remain under the controlling power of the human beings whatever may go wrong. Cyborgs though are beings with superior intelligence and ‘god’ like characteristics, controlling of which will be utterly beyond our reach. So beware of the CYBORGs!


AI is thus an artificial thing developed by humans whereas a cyborgs is human body merged into machines.