The gradual rise of Solar Power Technology is one of the most amazing transformations in Universal Energy use. The American Industries are the driving force in the modern economy. The solar Energy Industry in America have now more employee’s nation-wide that the Giants of Technology than all of the mentioned combined together, namely Google, Apple, Facebook and Twitter.

According to the GTM research SEIA – Solar Energy Industries Association have had a remarkable record as at to date. Freshly installed PV- Photovoltaic capacity reached a shattering record of 6,201 MW, with a 30% growth compared to the previous year. An additional CSP- Concentrating Solar Power of 767MW come together during the same period.

Other than the Bio gas generation capacity, Solar Power outnumbered America’s new generating capacity in the recent past.

In the month of March, California topped its power demand by 50% for the first time going Solar. And later a 40% of the state’s demand of grid power was fulfilled by Solar Generation stated the USA Energy Information Administration also known as the EIA. Some houses and business premises also generate power via rooftop PV during the peak solar hours.

According to the statistics of the Solar Foundation the delivery of jobs due to solar power had just over 100,000 in California which was an increase over the calculations of the year 2015. The entire country added 50,000 solar jobs in the year, 2016 and this year 2017 will see a record breaking Solar Power Generation due to extreme heat of the summer.

The utilizing of weather change is not only to prevent from hurting future generations but also providing a form of support to the present generation alive on earth with clean Solar Energy. The solar energy will be unstoppable in future due to the rise of demands.