Apples Siri Intelligence will display relevant details to the consumer on the face of the watch using advanced learning technology. The watch will get smarter by the day with more and more interaction by the user. Safari will rank as the fastest desktop browser in the Mac known as High Sierra which will be 80% faster than chrome.  It will feature block function in all automated videos and protect the user’s privacy. Craig Federghi stated that the biggest announcement would come in a pod.

During the worldwide Developers Conference the Apple Company stated that their watch OS will included advance technology and more customizing options.

The ‘HOMEPOD’ will remodel the way we listen to music and is 7 inches tall. This is the only hardware product which was released since the unveiling of the Apple Watch. The Home Pod will adjust its music according to the space with its special awareness feature. The pod goes to the extent of assisting you in controlling your curtain blind, door locks, switches and lighting too thanks to the ‘Smart Home Hub’ feature.

The Smart Home Hub feature is compatible with all Smart home kit devices. The home kit is a smart platform for hardware and software. The Home Kit device can be controlled via and app or via virtual assistant with the uses voice Siri and has a digital chip for encryption too.

Siri will not send or register any of the consumer’s details so the privacy and protection is definitely guaranteed. The Apple Company is heavily focusing on the privacy protection compared to other globally used devices and further details will be made available soon.

It comes with a premium price tag of 349$ and according to the Apple Executive Phil Schillert the product is being further developed for better interactions with the consumer.