Rothblatt vision of transhumanism is quite complex to understand. Transhumanism concept basically advocates the use of advanced technology and science to overcome the human limitations. That is, transhumanists believe that advance I technology can enhance human intellectual and physical abilities.

This is not easy as this indicates controlling the nature and there is no possibility of anything happening of this sort any time soon. Hence the dreams of the Terasem followers like the personal cyberconsciousness can be difficult to accept. According to them, mind file, that is, the process of recording one’s feelings and thoughts, will be created and these files will be stored on their servers for the future use. In the future these files will be arranged into an artificial equivalent of your consciousness and then this can be uploaded into an artificial body.

This seems just like a concept at present. The main aim of transhumanism is and must be making human a super human by enhancing the abilities already present in a human being. It must not be just making a copy of human being. Also, the transhumanism concept aims at making a human being live longer by defying and surpassing the things that can lead to a human’s death.

Moreover in a spiritual perspective, for some people, the faith in this tremendous power of science, to surpass human death may resembles the faith and belief in the religions all over the world. But still one must not cross a certain line and take things in their own hand as they will never be successful, for example, bringing the people that they love back from death.

But still this concept offers many opportunities to learn new things about human nature and body.