According to Elon Musk, we need to regulate Artificial Intelligence before it becomes a threat to humanity. He has come up with an idea that will connect the human mind with the computers’ Artificial Intelligence in future. The idea is an implantable mesh circuit, known as neural race, that will be connected directly to your brain. However, Elon Musk plans to start with a practical application, like in the treatment of certain conditions and diseases. The threat that Musk is talking about is how machines are gradually taking over job that were initially done by human beings. Since the machine are fast and efficient, they have occupied almost all the jobs previously done by human. With the use of the Neuralink ( a link that is developing neural race), Elon believes humans will be on the same platform with the machines if not out doing them.

The human brain is a mega-computer composed of up to 86 billion neuron, but the personal computer at you place is more efficient since the brain has a huge interface problem. The world’s fastest typist, Barbara Blackburn, can’t out do the third major version of Universal Serial Bus, which transfer a gigabyte of data in a minute, while Barbara does  212 words a minute. The illustration above shows why Elon believe artificial intelligence is a threat to humanity. Basically, the Neural race will connect the human brain directly to the internet. Since it could be fitted directly to our neck arteries, through surgery, it will leave the skull intact. It will be connected to the main processing unit, relaying and writing through neural stimulation.The main processing unit can be your smart phone or your personal computer. It is a huge idea based on the rate at which machines are causing unemployment, so let us stay positive and hope Elon will attain his desired goal.