Facebook does not wish to be just a single app but wants to be a family of apps to serve diversity to protect each other from being disrupted. Facebook has reigned for many years due to Messenger, WhatsApp, Oculus and Instagram.

Due to the demand of an Ethics Board to monitor its brain-computer interface, Facebook will form a panel for Ethical, Social and Legal issues to oversee the developments. It wants to develop a direct brain to text interface without having to lift a finger to type on a key board. Facebook is hoping to use a technology to scan the brain and detect the thoughts to turn them into text in return.

Independent Ethicists and research partners of Facebook, John Hopkins and UC Berkley are working on minimizing the malicious effects of this technology in order to prevent theft or any other issue. This in return will ensure all required standards are met. Facebook is also working on a system similar to Braille. There is a very strong code of ethics to avoid harm to people and to use our best opinions and views as we make new discoveries and inventions. Having been said that, you don’t know the real outcome of technology which is being innovated or created. The responsibility likes on the society to do a lot of good.

Within a span of one week, Facebook from being criticized for copying snap chat is now being spoken of their innovation far in to the future.. Facebook will also be looking at other interesting features and aspects to be introduced in future. The advantage of this exciting technology is that it will do a lot of good to the world if handled accurately and efficiently or may have to be determined as a curse if mishandled.