We humans are capable of amazing capabilities. You wouldn’t know about these amazing capabilities within yourself, because 99 percent of the time your body or your brain hides these capabilities from yourself. Humans have a variety of abilities such as super strength, immunity to pain, super memory skills etc.

How can a human control his body to have super ability?

We have often heard that mind is everything. With mind we can do anything and mind we can’t do anything. Humans can control their body to cultivate the abilities they wish to have by adjusting the physical strength to have more strength physically and by mental conditioning. Many of the abilities are mostly from the genetic side or maybe having genetic components which gives way to your ability.

We have seen multi personality disordered people who have a variety of characters in a single person. From that we can see that, when they exhibit their personality as a child’s, the strength and the mind will be of a small child. While when they exhibit an old person’s personality, they have the strength and mind of an old person. From this we can see that, A person’s mentality and strength are co-related. By improvising the strength of your mind, the body changes accordingly. Your ability can be increased by step by step process. This is done by mentally preparing your body and this mental preparedness aids in improving the strength of the body. If we have a strong mind, instead of taking a small brick we can physically take all the bricks.

Final Word:

As by the word suggests, humans can control their body more, if they have a good mental strength. They are co-related. Good mental ability gives good physical strength in everything, let it be good hearing strength, good physical body strength, good sensing strength. Humans every ability can be improved and can be made as super-ability by necessary control over the body.