Transhumanism and Posthumanism, the two intriguing philosophies which might sound so different yet they seem so close to each other. One which preserves the humanity in its true form, which is the former and the other transcends what it means to be a true breathing biological being. Transhumans are essential human being living as humans, what makes them different is that their bodies have been genetically altered with the help of the cutting edge technological advancements that the ‘true’ humans have developed. As intriguing as it may sound it does have its benefits, with superior lifespan, enhanced physical performances to name a few. Posthumans, on the other hand are something crazy. They are essentially what we call the ‘cyborgs’, being which are so far  beyond humanity that they can be considered as ‘gods’. Posthumans can be considered essentially as ‘aliens’, beings of another realm really.

Could Transhumans really enter the Posthuman state?

Human beings gave been trying to defy death, to live beyond what is biological possible for any being really, with transhumanism they are achieving that. With each technology that is being used you are upgrading yourself, a ‘pseudo-evolution’ if you can call it. With each step of this process you are more and more becoming less human and something else. There comes a point in that process where the human no longer becomes needed for the sustenance of life, a mere vessel or like clothing like you wear, an accessory . This is the point where transhumanism ceases to exist and you enter a realm of the universe far beyond the reach of any living beings but beings of great power and information. This is the Posthuman state.

Final word

With technological outbreaks happening every day, such transformations are not far away when we think of it.