An innovative company known as Humai has announced plans to make humans immortal using cloning, nanotechnology and AI technology. Josh Bocanegra, CEO of the startup was reported as saying that when all things have been put in place, they will be able to freeze the human brain, repair it and place it in an artificial human body. This process can be repeated over and over to help humans escape death and live forever.

Human Resurrection through Artificial Intelligence (HUMAI) claims that though the technology to achieve this feat is not yet available, it would be available within the next 30 years. The target launch date is sometime in 2045. The company’s website states that they are already using nanotechnology and artificial intelligence to gather and store data related to behavioral patterns, conversational styles, thought processes and comprehensive information on how the body operates. All this information will then be coded onto several sensors, which will then be used to build an artificial body to be attached to the stored human brain.

The company plans to use special apps developed in-house to collect relevant data about a target individual. After a few years they would have gotten enough information to form a good model of the individual including personality quirks, what the individual knows, has been through and is. When the individual then dies, the company will then freeze the brain and store it while an artificial body is then created.

The company didn’t give more information on how the artificial body would be created or how it would be made to work with the revived brain of the deceased. All it states is that the frozen brain will be thawed and any resulting damage to the brain repaired using nanotechnology and the stored data. The company expects to use cloning technology and expects that the revived brain will control the artificial body just like it did the real body.

While a lot of people would feel the plan to immortalize humans using cloning and nanotechnology to be far-fetched, there are already several people who do believe that it would all soon be possible. They hang their belief on the advancements already achieved with AI and they feel it is all a matter of time before we learn how to hook ourselves to smart computers.