Cryonics means preserving the body in low temperature so that there is hope for reviving the people in future. The main motivation behind cryonics is the human desire to extend life and live a healthy life. How exactly cryonics is predicted to work in well explained by many people. This is also known as a prospect for immortality, which states that a body can be preserved after death with an assumption that this preserved body can be revived in the near future.

But how reasonable is this is also a matter of concern. When a person dies, the consciences also ceases to flow. Moreover all the memories and experiences of a person will also have to be revived from the dead person. This is obviously not feasible. How can we restore the exact human experience of the time a person died?

Also, why should anyone want to live so long? This would cease the meaning of life. What would a person do after coming back to live after a long period of time. Moreover, after how long a person will be revived will also be uncertain as it would depend upon the pace in the advancement in the technology. Possibility is that when a person will be revived all his or her near and dear ones may be dead till then.

We know examples of some animals that can be froze and then revive. But this has never been yet tested on any human being. Even if freezing of the human being is made possible, how will they revive the person? Even if there is breakthrough in the technology, what about the consciousness? How will we revive the consciousness or the memories of the person?

The concept of cryonics seems very attractive, as it can make a person live. But its feasibility seems blurred.