Humans have been trying to overcome the limitations of human mind and body since ages. In this constant attempt for betterment, we came across many technological and spiritual ways to achieve it. Human enhancements are a way of conquering the limitations of human mind with the use of existing technology and knowledge. So let’s now learn more about human enhancements and how they could transform our futures.

Human enhancements

Human enhancements can be defined as any artificial or natural way by which the limitations of the human body can be temporarily or permanently overcome. It relies up on modern technologies in various fields to achieve better capabilities in the human body. Today human enhancements are put into practice in many real life situations. In most of these cases, it is intended for aiding survivors of some dangerous disease.

Human enhancement treatment or HET as it is popularly known can thus be put to use for the treatment involving people with disability or illness. But now researches are being done to achieve an upgraded and better version of human body through human body enhancements. At present, various other fields like nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology, cognitive science and genetic engineering have made contributions towards human enhancements.

Many studies have predicted that by the year 2030, human augmentation would make military and civilian workers capable of accessing environments that are presently considered unsafe. Various neuro-enhancements would improve memory and result in extraordinary thinking capabilities of the human mind. Thus human enhancements have great scope in the future and would provide great applications in real life situations.

To sum it all up

Thus human enhancement technologies are real and non fictitious even though at present they are still under development. However, in the near future we have great expectations towards the technology which would transform our lives for the better.