A Biologist at Harvard University Douglas Melton, described an experiment on Mice. His experiment involved in putting two Para biotic mice together which he also called as a

Fountain of Views’ Experiment. The experiment he explained was done by removing the outer skin of the mice and sewing them together like Siamese twins. In return a young and old mouse are sewn together and the consequences is that they share the same blood stream and they live a long life, with their usual meal intake and activities.

The experiment he showed was by injuring the muscle of the mice in order to observe the fact whether being young helps the body repair the damage caused. He further explained that it is common for a human being to fall of a bike and forget the fact of the damage caused. Whereas the body may have begun its tissue repairing and healing process automatically.

As a human being with age, the process of repairing damaged tissues will gradually slow down. So the experiment was conducted to find out the root cause behind tissue repair and the healing process comparing both the Old and Young. The experiment he showed had the paired mice with an injured thigh muscle.

Firstly, a paired young mice with an injured thigh muscle was shown, where the injury was repairing itself at a normal rate where the red cells helps improve the repair.

Secondly, a pair of mice consisting an old and young mouse respectively with a similar injury was shown where it doesn’t diminish the healing and repairing process of the young mouse as the amount of new red cells was the same.

Thirdly he compared a pair of old mice, with the same injury where the red cells were very few and the healing process was slow.

Thus the key result was when he paired a young mouse along with an old mouse and observing the healing process of the old mouse which was similar to the young. He stated In future similar experiments would be conducted in order to research and classify how the young cells stimulates old cells to rejuvenate them.