Now we can measure the impact various environmental conditions, different habits and the food we take,  have on our health, thanks  to One x. One x have come up with a hand held sensor that can scan our hand and give a load of information. These information include the amount of sleep , exposure to sunlight,  nutrition, alcohol intake,  amount of stress  that the body need or the effects brought about by this factors.

One X believes that by monitoring the change in antioxidant levels on the skin of our hands they can actually tell how each an every factor that determines our health is affecting you body at the moment. Not only detecting the effect, the device can also suggest what you can do to improve your current state of health. Incase there is a problem in nutrition, the device will suggest the meal you’ll take so that your current state can improve. It is quite a discovery bearing in mind the trouble we go through, when trying to figure out the type of nutrition our bodies need at a particular time. It is quite convenient using the device, since it requires your finger prints to use the device. It also means you can use it with your entire family or your friends. You can also compete with your friends on the social leader board. It is quite interesting, isn’t it?

Turning to the efficiency of the device, as it is a key factor considering it is dealing with the health of your body, One X have put emphases on the depth of the research they have done on the device’s hardware. Let us put our faith on the device as it  can save your life and money by giving you the results you would have paid a lot to get them if you considered visiting a professional nutritionist.