In the modern era, latest study shows the highly controversial way of reawakening the dead by using stem cells. Cells are being injected to find a solution for diabetes and other diseases.

Philadelphia based Bioquark are conducting trials to inject stem cells into patients who have been clinically brain dead. The stem cells are injected to the spinal cord with a protein blend and an electrical nerve stimulation and laser therapy directed to the brain. The aim is to regrown neurons and activate them to reawaken the life.

In many countries, official declaration of death is a loss of brain function or being brain dead. But Bioquark has created a series of injections to ‘reboot’ the brain and bring people back to life.

The CEO of the company has stated that firm will begin its testing on humans soon. Clinical trials will be examined on individuals between 15-65 of age who have been declared dead due to severe brain injury. The initial run of MRI scans will provide sufficient data if the reversal if possible and which in return will happen in three stages in order to find any signs of life.

The first step will be to harvest stem cells from the patients’ blood prior injecting them back into their body

Next the patient will be given injections of peptide to the spinal cord and finally a 15 day course of laser and nerve stimulation along with MRI Scans will be performed.

Despite Ira Pastor’s positivity in looking for a new location receiving consent from the patient concerned will be unlikely but a guardian or relative could legally do so. Full term recovery is a long term vision for the company. The CEO also stated that tests will not be run on animals.