Transhumanism is a great effort done for the evolution of the human beings further more than the state now. They are said to be gods when they have this state, they get immortal, and are super beings. The widely available technology gives way for a great advancement in human intellect and psychology. The conditions of humans get largely evolved and a great transformation occurs.

Is there anything bad about transhumanism?

Transhumanism causes evolution of human beings which can make us gods. It may give us an immortal life, a fearless life, a better intellect, a better living than humans have now. But this also has some bad intact. We now live on a balanced basis. If on one side there is a loss on the other side there is an inverse. Everything is on a balanced basis.

When transhumanism is achieved people will try to eliminate feelings inside. Emotions control people in many ways. When these are eliminated from the humans, we have superiority that we can handle our many situations. People will try to eliminate their weakness which slows them down in anything. We have heard that people learn from mistakes. Making mistakes will be eradicated which makes us as those who never do a mistake. No mistakes lead to any problems. Through technology people can destroy all the misery or suffering. People can get immortal. They can also be perfect in everything perfect mind, perfect body, perfect work etc.

Final word:

What has happened? Transhumanism evolves us into not only a better being but to a best being which gives us immortality and equity in all things. This leads humanity to a superior form of existence. This causes a large issue. The living of human beings will be questioned. If there are no inequalities, problems, imperfectness there is no point in a human beings life. Everything or anything should not only improve world but also create worlds.