Samsung along with Global foundries research partners allied with IBM, researched and developed a process to manufacture 5NM Transistors enabled with Nano sheet transistors. This was revealed on the 5th of June, 2017. Scientists and researchers paved way for 30 billion mini chips in less than two years of developing the 7NM node with 20 Billion transistors. This technology was researched for more than 10 years by IBM.

This specifically ended the famed Moore’s Law by the Intel Founder Gordon Moore and a break from FinFet Technology.

The announcement of manufacturing a new switch is the modern example of the world of classy research. The 5NM technology enables to produce cost efficient, smaller in size and faster technology for consumer use and is a significant milestone for the semiconductor industry. This is not possible with the modern Fin FET production as current flow is not increased for additional efficient performance.

The commercializing of the 7NM is gradually progressing towards the oncoming year in the FAB 8 manufacturing company and gradually moving forward in pursuing the 5NM technology to maintain a smooth technology leadership.

Using the EUV also known as Extreme Ultraviolet lithography the Nano sheets width can be continuously adjusted with a single process or design while manufacturing. This method enables fine-tuning and enhanced performance for certain circuits and its power. This is impossible in FinFET production as its limited by its fin height and it can only scale to 5NM.

The interim President of SUNY Polytechnic Institute strongly believes that the 5NM transistor will push beyond the available capabilities. Their relationship with IBM and the Empire State Development is a great example how three dimensions can collaborate successfully to broaden a positive impact on the society.

IBM’s investment on this project will continue the legacy of its long standing contributions to semiconductor and silicon invention and manufacturing. They have successfully been the first to implement many technological innovations and definitely will give the consumer and the society to something to look forward to.