Transhumanism basically emphasizes on the power of technology that aims to improve human condition. Transhumanist believe that science and technology can help in overcoming human limitations. But there is a lot of debate going around transhumanism. Some are transhumanist, while some clearly oppose it.

One of the most prominent critic of transhumanism is Francis Fukuyama, an American political scientist. According to him transhumanism can be considered as the world’s most dangerous ideas.

Let us look at some points that are made by non transhumanists:

1] The argument is that if human will be able to improve their health conditions and hence live long, may cause the world to become overpopulated. Moreover this will result in overuse of our natural resources, and thus their depletion.

2] If humans become eternal then they will lose the meaning of life or in other words the human identity. Also, living for so many years will make human life a torturous life.

3] This immortal nature of man will take him away from spirituality. The false image that he is God will be created.

4] This process is completely unnatural and hence against all the religions.

5] Another argument is on the feasibility of this process. There is a lot of concern on the genetic modifications on humans.

6] Some also fear disaster with the advancement in science. They consider the technology as a double edged sword, that means, as much as the technology will bring relief, it may result in equal amount of disaster.

There are many more arguments that are made against Transhumanism. But, there are many transhumanists that are ready to give all the answers to these arguments as they firmly believe that the advancement in technology can truly improve a human life.