Cyborg is a short form of Cybernetics organism. A cyborg is a being that has both, organic (organic matter) and Bio mechatronics (a branch that integrates Mechanics, biology and electronics) body parts. As an example of a cyborg, a person equipped with an artificial cardiac pacemaker, can be considered as a cyborg. This artificial pace maker measures the vital components in a human body like voltage potentials or delivering the electric stimuli.

This concept is widely used in many games with cyborg characters. These characters consists of various extra abilities that surpasses the human limits. These games are popular because they provide something new to the players as the developers can keep on progressing the abilities.

A heavy loadout cyborg is heavy cyborg that are usually more than 6 feet tall and very heavy in weights, in load out, that is, in third person shooter, multiplayer game. The loadout is developed by Edge of Reality, an American video game developer.

The heavy loadout cyborg can be considered to be divided into 3 play styles, aggressive play style, defensive play style and normal play style.

The different play styles can be used at different time, for example, the normal plat style can be used during the farming process, the defensive play style can be used during the retaliatory strikes, by the average hell drivers and the aggressive play style can be used during the master fight.

Also, depending upon the different play styles, different combinations can be used, for example, for the incredible run, use all terrain boots or jump pack cardio accelerator.

As an example, in shatterland, the protagonist Steve Hermann is a police officer and is injured by cyborgs. He is then given cybernetic hands that are very powerful to save the planet. The punching power of the hands is massive and can even destroy bullets.