Transhumanist ideas are gaining more popularity with each passing day. Even though there are a lot of oppositions from different sections of the society, especially from the part of the religious people, it is certain that these transhumanist ideas are the future.

Is connecting our minds to the internet, a transhuman idea?

It will not be fair to say that connecting our minds to the internet is a very new concept. In fact what we do in our daily lives is actually the smaller versions of this concept. All your likes and dislikes are all monitored continuously through the items you purchase regularly. Also appointments with doctors, restaurants that you visit, the food that you eat, etc. are some of the things that the internet knows about you. All these can be considered as uploading the mind to an extent.

But when it comes to complete connection between the internet and the minds, it should be called a transhuman concept. In fact this is not something that is very far fetched. It would only take a few more years for this to become a reality.

What are effects of being connected to the internet?

The first and most important effect is that there would be no end to a person’s consciousness. Now a person would lose his or her consciousness after death. But when this connection between minds and the internet is established, death would no longer be a barrier, and the mind can live on forever. This may seem to be something that is alarming, and hence this concept is receiving a lot of opposition. The people would have a sense of the internet like all other senses like touch, sight etc. The connection between each and every human being is another extension of this concept.