When it comes to perception of a person, certain limits are always in place. This is because everyone would only think within the boundaries of rationality. Hence most of the humans will only be able to perform up to a certain limit. Those who are able to perform beyond such limits are usually called super humans. Super humans need not be misunderstood with paranormal occurrences. Instead they stand on the narrow border line between what can be considered as paranormal and what is possible but not usually done.

How does a normal person become a superhuman?

One method is through sheer power of the mind. People with really strong minds have the ability to channelize strength in to areas that need to perform above normal levels. Various super human traits like super strength, super speed etc. are usually achieved for momentary periods of time. The reason is that in most of the situations the person’s mind acts spontaneous so that the person is able to survive the situation. For example, it is quite normal to run at super speed when your life counts on it.

The role of technology and science:

There is also another method to provide a person with super human abilities. This is through the proper utilisation of the modern technology and science. Various technologies like gene manipulation, nanotechnology etc. are used to enable people to perform better than normal beings.

The word cyborgs are also becoming very common across the globe. People with artificial body parts can have super human abilities if the body parts are efficient ones.

A very recent concept called transhumanism aims at making these super humans possible. This is probably the field where a large amount of research is going on and is probably going to shape our future.