The pervasiveness of science and religion in the concept of transhumanism is not unknown. Some examples of transhumanists like Kurzweil, who apart from director of engineering at Google, is a computer scientists, author and inventor. According to him, a phase known as “singularity” will be reached, that means, human will be transformed into human “Spiritual Machines”. This would enable us to live eternally. This can be compared with the real aim of the religion, that is, to give purpose and meaning to life.

There are many more who tried to make so called “elixir of life” and still believe that they can be successful. Also, in the 19th century, an orthodox scientist, who took inspiration from the Darwin’ theory also stated that human beings can direct their own evolution.

Also, this theory was then carried on by a French priest called Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, who believed in the concept that the evolution of human being can lead to the kingdom of God. According to him, in the future, the human minds will be able to merge via a global network, and this would lead to the explosion of the intelligence. He believed that this process will take place with the guidance of God. But these religious ideas are hardly mentioned by transhumanists.

Another point is that, it is very important to consider this from a spiritual perspective. The main point that totally contrast this study and the concept itself is that of the soul. Spiritually speaking, the soul continues to live even after the brain stops working. A soul is not something that can be captured.

In order to gain more insight on the relationship of science and spirituality, one must deeply study this topic before coming to any conclusion.