Recently, Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg went in some AI tech battle. In the past month, Musk gave a speech stating that, if left unchecked, AI possibly going to kill us all.

It’s interesting to imagine the conversations that happened behind doors between the world’s most powerful and richest, it’s really hard to do anything with rather grab some popcorns and watch intensely. Later, talking about Zuck, whose company had recently shut down some AI robots as they had developed their own language to communicate with each other probably killing the human race, criticized Musk statement. This motivated the founder of PayPal to make a tweet that he has already discussed AI with Zuckerberg and found Zuck’s knowledge to the subject as “limited”.

The Craze of Personalities


Zuck has been shy of having 95 million followers on Facebook, acquires the ability of to inspire a kind of boldly sincere love. The latest picture of Zuck and his daughter and the sentient mop they use to live with has drawn over 418,000 likes and counting as of a press time. A comment below that identified mop as a puli has drawn another 4100 likes individually.
Nevertheless, it’s Musk who inspires true zeal. He has ONLY over 11 million followers on Twitter. However, he has no confined social media of his own but the illusory improbability of his ideas lead people not only in cherishing him as their discoverer but to peek between them and hunk together as a greater Musk ideology that to be worshiped in its own right.

AI Endurance

AI Zuck

Earlier, Musk used not to have much hair but now, he has thick, dense, and luminous hair. We the general public has settled so far, directing it into the results of hair plug. It would have made sense if our man considerably aged in some other way!
Coming to Zuck, he has used his 13 years in the public recognition going from 11 years old to 12. Above all, not losing hopes that AI not gonna clean you; at its first opportunity is that you are much more likely uploading your consciousness to Cyborg, cloud, or whatever technology it’s going to be when the next generation comes. Resulting, Zuk will never run behind the general public for productivity or we can say, the lack of productivity.