is a being with the qualities of both organic and biomechatronic body parts. The cyborg tissues are structured with carbon nano tubes or fungal cells have been used in artificial tissue engineering to produce new materials. Products developed with the use of artificial tissue engineering are really great. Yes, these are really great for the people with hearing impairs.

Apple has just announced the first mass market cyborg enhancement that goes through our bodies and enhances our abilities. Apple and Cochlear, together, have announced that the nucleus 7 that when connected to an iPhone; streams sound directly to a surgically installed sound processor.

Cyborg Enhancement

You must have seen the early examples of embedded technologies like the disgusting, horrible and amateurish efforts while embedding technology in a human body. Integrations like a camera in the place of a missing eye or RIFD chip insertion into a human body that enables auto-login into computers or could be helpful in opening the password protected doors.

All these technologies are something experimental, the interesting thing about Apple and Cochlear’s concept is that millions of people globally need it. The automation incorporates approved and standard technology for people with hearing impairs. It connects to the Mass Market technologies, the iPhone itself and the most important thing about this technology is that it is FDA approved.

The development of the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor will change the lives of people with hearing impairs. This wonderful development will bring a light of hope in such a way that each and every one of the millions will be able to make phone calls and listen to the soulful music and that too in HD sound quality 😉

Above all, the CEO of Cochlear; Chris Smiththey states that they can also make FaceTime calls that will be directly streamed to their cochlear implant.