Can you imagine vision 3 times better than the normal 20/20 vision without wearing glasses even at the age of 100 or higher? Yes, it is now possible!- with the help of these ultimate Bionic Lenses. This was done successfully by Dr. Garth Webb, who is an optometrist in the British Columbia. From his recent researches, he has invented Ocumetics Bionic Lens. He states- the patients now would have the perfect vision that they need with driving glasses. He says that the progressive lenses and contact lenses would just become the mere memory with the advancements in the eye care industry.

He says that the major benefits of these lenses will element the problems of cataract that people often complain who undergo specialized lenses that are surgically inserted. The issue of cataract occurs due to the surgical insertions of lenses will never complain later as their natural lenses that decay over time would be completely replaced.

The Eight Minute Surgery

Webb says that this painless surgery would take hardly eight minutes and the procedure is much similar to the cataract surgery and apart from this, the patient’s sight would be corrected immediately.

The CEO of Ocumetics Technology Corp., Webb has spent his 8 years in researching and nearly about $3 million or may be more in the development of these bionic lenses. This Ocumetics Bionic Lens includes a patented miniature optics system that actually works like a tiny digital camera. There are no side-effects of these implanted lenses and unlike other lenses, these bionic lenses never cause headaches or any other sort of eye strains. As soon as the extensive clinical trial have been attempted; a tentative launch of these ultimate lenses have been set for 2017.

For Webb, this innovation is really close to his heart as he exclaims- “At age 45 I had to struggle with reading glasses, which like most people, I found was a great insult,” he says. “To this day I curse my progressive glasses. I also wear contact lenses, which I also curse just about every day. My heroes were cowboys, and cowboys just did not wear glasses.”