Elon Musk
was found surprising his fans on Instagram by posting the first authorized photo of the “SpaceXspace suit. In the caption, he states- that the suit actually works and was tested to double vacuum pressure as well.

He admitted that it was really hard to maintain a balance between the suit’s looks and functions. The color of the suit is white and is very spacey. He also mentioned that is was not he in the space suit pictured but a SpaceX engineer. This attractive space suit will be worn by the astronauts on a crewed flight that would be taking off in the upcoming year.

Moreover, Musk failed to specify the purpose of this suit; these suits are meant to be worn by the astronauts while riding inside the Dragon Capsule. Although, these are pressure suits and are not meant to be worn for space walks. Moderately, these can be easily worn by astronauts during transport if in case, their capsule depressurizes. This suit would be worn by the NASA astronauts for their profitable crew program when the SpaceX starts launching people to and from the International Space Station.

Musk states- the suit is tested under critical conditions and much of its details are on the way.

The special helmet and glossy appearance of the suit make it look as if it is ready for launch in a sci-fi flick. At the same time, the suit shows respect to the old school space suits that were worn by NASA astronauts while reaching the moon and back. In the near future, new and much exciting news will be promoted about this ultimate SpaceX space suit. A number of space suits have been compiled and compared within a list of science fiction spacesuits from the worst to the best, thought the collective opinion was dragged under SpaceX suit as the top of the list suit.