The need of organ transplant have doubled in the last twenty years but the number of organ donors have barely increased. This has led to development of organ printing machine. Well that sounds weird but the Integrated Tissue and Organ System(ITOP), may be the only logical answer to the shortage of organ donors and the increment in the demand for these organs. Previously, biologists were able to make the same organs but they would fail because the cell used would lack oxygen. ITOP, can make body part the same size as the “real” ones and at the same time make the cells used thrive. Although, ITOP have not been approved for use in treatment yet, it might be the answer to death caused by various organ failures.

ITOP printed organs have been practically tested on other animals like rats, and upon introduction, blood supply was as usual plus the internal structure were similar to those of a natural tissue. To achieve the latter, ITOP leaves tiny spaces as it pit the cells in place, therefore, ther is enough oxygen for the cells. Actually ITOP creates an identical organ because it uses a sample of the patients cells and then generate other cells from that particular cell. In addition, it does not make organ tissues only, ITOP can make bones that when put in place they work well and coordinate with the rest of the parts well.  If  ITOP goes through the series of clinical trials then we might come to an end  of the 22 deaths per day caused by lack of organs. This technology might also prove to be crucial with biologists now concentrating on the internal organs that are quite delicate like the kidney,lungs, liver and the heart.