Some scientists think that we already understand what consciousness is or that, it is just an illusion. On the other hand, many other scientists think that we have not grasped where the consciousness comes from- Quantum Physics.

The Spooky Action of Quantum Physics

Possibly one of the most interesting things in quantum physics is something that Einstein referred to as “Spooky Action at a distance” that is also known as the quantum entanglement. This quantum effect different from what quantum computers produce, as quantum bits generally relying on entanglement for processing data and information.
According to the theory, the entangled particles affect each other regardless of the distance between them. Where a measurement of the state of one particle would instantly influence the state of the other. However, it remains scary- regardless of following the laws of quantum physics- entanglement reveals some deeper theories that are yet to be discovered. A huge number of physicists are working on the deeper theory but as of now, nothing informative has come out.

For entanglement, a very famous test was performed by physicist John Bell to identify of particles do affect each other. He simply put a bell test that included a pair of entangled particles. In the test, one particle was sent to Location A and the other to Location B. Later, at each of these locations a measuring device was used for measuring the state of each particle. Factually, the Bell test supported the spooky theory.

Human Consciousness And Free Will

Consciousness- Quantum Physics

Now, theoretical physicist Lucien Hardy is looking to push the boundaries of quantum physics by performing a Bell test using beings as links. This could be helpful in shedding light on the existence of human consciousness. Hardy states that the measurements between A and B could be controlled by something that is called brain; that is different from the material world. His idea was derived from the mind-matter duality of French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes.

What they came up with: is that the human mind isn’t made up of the same matter governed by physics. Furthermore, it could advocate that the human mind is capable of overcoming the physics theories with free will.