Artificial Intelligence

Insilico Medicine has recently signed a multi-year drug agreement with one of the biotechnology companies Juvenescence AI Limited. Juvenescence AI will be developing the first compounds that were generated by the Insilico’s deep learnings that train over structural, phenotypic, and functional data in accordance to predicting the biological activity of the compounds. The Insilico’s platforms integrate all new Artificial Intelligence techniques like the Generative Adversarial Networks in accordance to generating novel compounds with desired properties like pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic.

As per the agreement and being a part of it, Juvenescence Limited (“Juvenescence”); the parent company of the Juvenescence AI, made a direct investment into Insilico for the further advancement in Juvenescence AI for concluding the pre-clinical and clinical applications of the licensed compounds. Both the companies agreed on forming Juvenescence Artificial Intelligence as a joint venture, so as to license several compound families every year from Insilico and develop them into drugs. Juvenescence AI will be individually advancing an AI concentrating engine on stepping up the clinical advancement of novel drugs and will work with other academic groups or companies.

The principals, Jim Mellon, Dr. Greg Bailey and Dr. Declan Doogan of Juvenescence, have a monstrous experience and track record on drug development, biotech investment, and company formations. The Juvenescence’s scientific and executive team expects to combine their classical drug development expertise that was earned over careers in the pharmaceutical industry and over their outstanding initial investments in various companies like Medivation and Biohaven Pharmaceuticals, to carry on fresh prospects that are presented by the AI-assisted drug developments.The team devotedly believes that advances in AI will provide new channels for clinical, commercial and regulatory success.

The pharmaceutical industries are expecting to get benefitted from the latest advances in Artificial Intelligence. Insilico Medicine was recently profiled in an article in the Nature Biotechnology titled as “AI-powered drug discovery captures pharma interest” is expected to set a precedent for the new molecules that are discovered using the new generation of AI with help of a team of expert drug developers.