Supersapiens’ writer-director Markus Mooslechner states a core question that: as artificial intelligence rapidly blurs the boundaries between man and machine; we face an astonishing- are we eye-witnessing the rise of new human species?

The film features philosophers, scientists, and neurohackers Ben Goertzel, Alma Mendez, Hugo De Garis, Nick Bostrom, Richard Dawkins, Adam Gazzaley, Sam Harris, Randal Koene, Tim Mullen, Joel Murphy, David Putrino, Conor Russomanno, Anders Sandberg, Susan Schneider, Mikey Siegel, Hannes Sjoblad, and Andy Walshe.

“The next evolution of the human mind- humanity is facing a turning point; states Mooslechner.” “Will this evolution be a hybrid of man and machine?”- where artificial intelligence forces the emergence of a new human species? Or will a stream of new technologists who frame themselves as “consciousness-hackers” become the human torch bearers, using technology not to replace the human mind. We have always possessed enlightenment at the push of a button. Enlightenment at the push of a button is the goal collectively of this developing global community.

The ethologist-evolutionary biologist-author Dawkins in the film states- “it is not obvious to me that the replacement of our species by our own technological creation would necessarily be a bad thing.”

The film documents the potential of Homo Sapiens and is a messenger of the rise of the human mind and with it the birth of some new species. The film is not only bringing the insights into the world of artificial intelligence but also takes a look at how an upcoming technology is already taking access to the human bodies. These real connections between men and machines are the verge of becoming prevalent. Especially the younger generations are quickly jumping on this train.

Supersapiens is a production of Terra Mater Factual Studios and its executive producers are Joanne Reay and Walter Koehler. Moreover, the distribution is still to be announced.