Measurement of the level of civilization that takes place in the technological advancement; the Kardashev Scale targets the amount of energy that any development is able to control. It is obvious that the amount of energy available to the particular civilization is linked to how extensive the civilization is. The Kardashev Scale is divided into three major parts;

A Type 1 Civilization: Type 1 civilization is also called as the Planetary Civilization; is used for storing all power that reaches the planet from its parent star.

Type 2 Civilization: The Stellar Civilization, this type of civilization is used for controlling the total power of the planet’s parent star.

Type 3 Civilization: Also known as the Galactic Civilization; can control all the power on the scale of its whole keeper galaxy.

Approaches Beyond Kardashev Scale

At the moment, we are moving a way beyond everything that Kardashev has ever imagined. He didn’t try adding Type 4 civilization as he thought it would be too advanced; so he didn’t bother adding the type 5 civilization, as he thought that it is the end and no society can reach to his levels. Surely, he thought that type 3 would be out of the scope of any species’ ability. However, many advancements to the Kardashev Scale have been proposed.
So, let’s move on the acutest advancements on the Kardashev’s Scale.

Can you Imagine the Most Advanced Civilization?

Try imaging the most advanced civilization ever. Now, move on imaging something far beyond that. And there it is, the Type 5 Civilization or you can call- a multi universe culture.

Such a society that works on this level of civilization would have a very advanced understanding of Physics. Meaning, a very vast understanding that understands from anything to everything of physics. They would have such an understanding of science that they could create beings from the so-called non-living matter.

Sooner or later, these hypothetical beings would have been so capable that they would be able to jump between multiverses.

Possibilities for Type 5 Civilization

Imagine a civilization with 2 dimensions of- time and no time or that where light may not exist. These would only be possible for type 4 civilization. In other words, these possibilities are only meant for beings who have powers and abilities beyond anyone’s imaginations. Essentially, these beings are considered closer to God.

A Long Way to Travel

However, humans are not yet at the Type 1 civilization but according to the PhysicistFreeman Dyson“, if we move with a pace of 1% advancement every year; we can achieve status 1.  According to Kardashev, we can attain Type 2 in only 3,200 years and Type 3 in 5,800 years and so.

It doesn’t mean that we can never reach Type 5 civilization. As long as humans take care of the mother Earth and of course each other. To get far beyond our Type 0 status; we all need to take a good care of our tiny home and start supporting scientific advancements and explorations.

In the future, may be you’ll read this while hopping multiverse.