A Pill that could be used for reversing the signs of ageing moved a step closer as soon as the scientist made one of the major breakthroughs. They have been successful in discovering a drug that could have a dramatic effect on restoration of hair, energy levels, and kidney functions. The pill detects and destroys the broken cells that get accumulated as we start ageing.

A new compound- a protein that has been discovered- “FOXO4 peptide”; has not yet examined in humans but in trials on mice, the effects were really dramatic. The trials were taken both on the natural ageing and the genetically engineered mice.

As a result, the Pill was found helpful in reversing the ageing effects like the loss of fur and poor kidney functions. It also helped in making the animals stronger while boosting their energy levels. The Pill was when given to the mice, those who were losing their fur due to ageing effects started recovering all within 10 days. Later, within a time frame of 3 weeks, ageing mice became active and fitter.

The mice were later made to run; the older mice that were under special medication started running faster than those who were not given any such medications. The drug is now set to be tested if it would be helpful in increasing the life span of these mice. Later the drug would be trialed on humans as well.

With respect to this, the peptide discovered in this study is much more effective in eliminating old cells than the previously discovered ones. Hence, the drug could be proved promising.

A reader in stem cell science at King’s College, London; Dr. Dusko Ilic stated- issues appeared on whether stopping ageing will lead to more cancer cells to build up. Later: he added that the findings are now quite impossible to be dismissed.

Moreover, scientists from the University of New South Wales and the Harvard Medical School states that the drug could be available for people in the next upcoming five years.