What are we Expecting?

Since years, we have been advised that automation is coming and that it’s going have a profound effect on the world of work. Moreover, we are familiar with the fact that robots are taking place in many fields of work from construction work to the delivery of the packages. The boundless adoption of this technology isn’t going viral as quickly as few of us have wanted.

However, automation can be helpful in making business more efficient. There are a plethora of incentives for companies to invest in the idea. The old practices are being placed to pasture in replacement with the fully different approaches and this can be quite an uncomfortable impression.

Andrew McAfee states- “Some of these pretty profound innovations are going to take time to diffuse.” Andrew is the co-director of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Initiative on the Digital Economy and is the co author of the book “The Second Machine Age”.

However, this point of view was evidenced by comments that were made by outgoing General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt, that states- “I think this notion that we are all going to be in a room full of robots in five years, and that everything is going to be automated, it’s just BS. It’s not the way the world is going to work”.

The Daring Automation Work

Whenever the point of automation strikes our mind, it is very easy for all of us to jump on the employment problem of beings. If machines are going to take tasks that were used to be accomplished by the beings, it will end up in less work for beings and this will somewhere affect their living standards as well.

We can never skip the thought that these automated machines will offer the job to their own right but on the other hand, many companies would think of putting the strength of beings and machines together. Moreover, it is always beneficial working with machines as they are ready to take the tasks that are usually not adopted and done by the beings.