Three years back, Eric Marcotulli, Dan Alminana, and Leonard Guarent launched the Elysium. It’s direct to consumer company that connects the general public to scientists, enabling to cut the clutter. Crough the clutter in big pharma in kind of farm-to-table philosophy. Considering the Elysium’s scientists hailing from Harvard and MIT. Moreover, their advisory bragged seven Nobel Laureates in physiology and chemistry. There is obviously a compelling argument to trust that Basis. The company’s first product is actually “the one daily supplement your cells need.”

It is known to all that one shouldn’t be believing everything that is written over the internet, so this gives you another reason to believe in keep reading: While the Elysium’s customer data is proprietary, and according to Whitney Christopher director of the consumer PR a number of Basis users are doctors.

Now, the question arises; what exactly Basis is? As per the “Cells need the coenzyme NAD+ to function, and NAD+ declines as we age. “Basis” is clinically proven to increase NAD+ levels.”

Dissimilar to the vast variety of vitamins and the dietary supplements like resveratrol, which has been expressed as an anti-aging miracle drug by some of the beauty companies for years. The molecules that are present on the Basis have been demonstrated as bioavailable, meaning when they get into your body, they do what they are intended to do that includes a raise in NAD+ levels.

Jim Manzi an investor in the company stated that- the NAD+ also plays a role in cellular regeneration. As TechCrunch has also reported that Elysium received $20 million in Series B financing while following a valuation of $157 million. According to the company’s career section; Elysium is expected to be four times in size- meaning, growing “from 25 to 100+ employees over the next 24 months.”