The architect and futurist Jacque Fresco, speaks in moral stories. If in any case, he goes too long while telling the story, his 40-year partner Roxanne Meadows interferes with some facts and tries keeping on the right track. However, Fresco has recently celebrated his 100th birthday and is the only oldest celebrity futurist left in the universe.

The magnum opus of is The Venus Project; that is a 21 acre Central Florida Eden that was built in over three decades by Meadows and Fresco. This sanctuary and research center is the place where Fresco still leads his weekly seminars that includes the tour of about 10 buildings.

How we connected with Fresco at The Venus Project this month with income taxes- something that should be removed and banned completely for the sake of humanity. On the other hand, even he doesn’t like taxes. While brainstorming over the internet about taxes, it was found that Fresco has worked on a voluminous work for over 80 years of essays, books, filmed lectures, architectural designs, models, and documentaries. Moreover, much of Fresco’s work was derived from the main philosophical idea- that was about the resource-based economy, where there are not only the zero taxes but also there is no ownership or money as well.

The fact is, the more one reads is ideas and the work; the more attracted he could be. One can also feel after reading his ideas that here is the right man with a vision exactly similar to mine. He not only looked into 10-20 years of future but is someone who has examined that what should and could happen in the next 50 years or even the next century. Moreover, he thinks that if we can get rid of money and the ownership, we can eventually sort many of the humanity’s problems.