efforts in machine learning clearly depict that it is trying to put machine learning in everybody’s hands. Deeplearn.js is a new machine learning library by Google that lets its users harness their Machine Learning powers in a very simple way just inside the browser. 

From a past few years, many of the top most tech companies are trying to drive benefits from the major tech companies. People are exploring the unique solutions by taking advantages of the capabilities of the Machine Learning for enhancing their businesses.

However, Google is leading a step ahead of all with its efficient machine learning algorithms. Google’s latest discovery, TensorFlow has become the fiery topic with both the developers as well as the researchers as a way for developing powerful AI tools.

Deeplearn.js- What is it?

Deeplearn.js is an open source WebGL-accelerated JavaScript library for machine learning that entirely runs in your browser without any need of installations and backend support. Yeah, it’s true that Deeplearn.js doesn’t require any specific and complex installations that require more computational applications. What all you need is a browser, that already exists on your machine.

Moreover, there were many js libraries that existed before Deeplearn.js but there were few limitations with most of them; like limits by the speed of Javascript. On the other hand, when it comes to building web application JS totally dominates the web world. Deeplearn.js, however, was built to focus on a powerful and very fast library which is not speed limited by JavaScript.

The API and design of this ultimate web based library imitate the design structure of TensorFlow and NumPy, that are few of the most popular Python based open source libraries. These applications were known especially for their speed and execution timings.

Google is making moves in bringing a great change in the world of AI!