Artificial intelligence
has been in around us from a couple of years now. But this technology made to gather the attention of many with some interesting incidents. Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook’s CEO is always found sharing a clear thought stating- AI would be the future of tech world. His thoughts and interest are not just limited to the self-operating systems like Facebook rather he is actively working on many other projects that are based on AI.

Mark states that it is not enough as he is very passionate about AI and tries accessing all the applications based on this technology. He told that he took things one step ahead in the process while building a personal Artificial Assistance for his home in Palo Alto. He named this personal assistance as “Jarvis” as soon as the same technology has been showcased in one of the popular movies Iron Man. Mark and his wife have also shared a video that was explaining their personal experience with their personal Artificial Assistance.

In the shared video, they explained how the idea came to their minds of building a Personal Artificial Assitance. Priscilla stated- Mark had many synchronization problems with the technology’s commands and some other technical issues but he himself resolved all by working on them for hours. She also stated the challenged they have faced with the development of “Jarvis” and what all problems they have initially faced while working on it.

However, the assistance is still under development and is Mark is still working on it for bringing out its full potential.
Moreover, Mark was dragged into an argument with the Elon Musk. Elon stated that the Mark has limited knowledge over AI, where, Mark quoted Elon as a naysayer about his concern. Musk is the owner of SpaceX, PayPal, and Tesla Motors; was consistently warning people by stating that the AI is an open and potential threat to the existence of living beings.