Ray Kurzweil says that “I tried to bring back my father.”
He states that he is standing in his anemic light of some storage boxes and his frame dwarfed by the cardboard boxes and the oblong plastic bins. He uses to wear shaded eye-glasses. Now, he has stepped into his early sixties. But there is something that makes him look older; it could be the light or the posture he carries, or his belly standing out over his beltline. Kurzweil is now working as the Director of Engineering at Google; another master in the field of technology.

However, this technology related documentary was so far filmed in the year 2009; where we can still recognize him as a lone visionary with some of the best eccentric ideas related to the future. These boxes in the storage units contain the residues of his father’s life. These residues could be the photographs, newspaper clippings, letters, and other financial documentation. For some decades he has been compiling some of the artifacts and trying to store them in vaults he maintains near his house in the Newton, Massachusetts.

He took out a notebook that was filled with his father’s handwriting and put that in front of the camera. Unfortunately, his father passed away in the year 1970. But, Kurzweil kept believing that, one day the Artificial Intelligence would be able to use the memorabilia provided so far, in support with the DNA samples for resurrecting him. Later, he shares his thoughts that we can think about it and with this, he states that- “so we can gather up all those vibrations and bring them back, I believe.”

Technology, that Kurzweil has acknowledged has is still left a far way long to be brought back to life. He only had a hope of seeing his father revived is to see the singularity. By singularity, he means, the moment when the computing powers and the technology will reach the “intelligence explosion.”